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Trying Internet Tethering

I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a mobile broadband USB key for my laptop on a network other than Vodafone. I was opting for Three networks 5GB for £15 1 month contract but figured I would first try the iphone internet tethering on O2. Same money a month, although 3GB not 5GB and the same 1 month notice period.

Internet Tethering by sdharris, on flickr

I have no idea how much data I will use so I do not know if that 2GB will be missed but at least this way I can try it for the next couple of months and find out. It also means I do not have to carry a USB key with me or install more software and I save £9.99 by not having to buy the USB key. Plus I read yesterday Three are going to sale advertising space on their broadband software

After waiting a bit longer than the 24 hours O2 stated tethering was enabled today so I tried it out, the connection was not great even in the middle of Bristol but it worked well enough. Will try it for the next couple of months.

It is a shame that you have to jump through a series of menus to get to the internet tethering option though, and you must remember to turn it off!